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Professional Window Cleaning in Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

Precision Building Services and our team of qualified highly trained professionals offer commercial and residential window cleaning in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Delta, New West, Surrey, Burnaby and Coquitlam.

Commercial Window Cleaning in Vancouver

First impressions are everything. At Precision Building Services, we understand that the aesthetic of your office building or storefront leaves a lasting impression on your customers. Our tailored maintenance programs work within your budget, schedule and standard to remove cobwebs, dirt, grime, bird droppings and paint from your windows. With sparkling clean windows, we guarantee you will welcome your customers to visit your property with confidence.

Our reliable team of professional window cleaners are licensed, bonded, insured and focused on providing quality service by treating your property like it were our own. Your clean property is our priority.

Residential Window Cleaning in Vancouver

You work hard to keep your property looking immaculate, and we understand that sometimes, it’s hard to find the time. At Precision Building Services, we cover the more labour intensive and time consuming tasks like residential window cleaning, so that you can spend less time cleaning your home and more time enjoying it.

Our hard-working team of qualified professionals work within your schedule and with your unique needs to leave your property gleaming clean. We offer window cleaning, gutter cleaning, chandelier cleaning and more for residences in Vancouver and the lower mainland.  

Our Guarantee

At Precision Building Services, your clean property is our priority. Our reliable team is focused on providing quality service by treating your property like it were our own. We provide stress-free services with no contracts required. Benefit from our:

-  Quality guarantee – If you’re not content with the results, neither are we

-  Flexible scheduling – Available whenever and wherever you need us  

-  Custom pricing – Made-to-fit cleaning programs designed for your unique needs

      Our window cleaners are professionally trained, qualified and insured to get the job done right. Our industry-leading safety program ensures our clients, their homes and our employees are protected at all times.  


Window Cleaning Specialties


Window Cleaning Maintenance Cleans

Maintenance cleans are generally done weekly on storefronts, monthly on commercial buildings, and bi-yearly on residential / stratas.  Exterior window maintenance cleans are generally done by water fed pole.  Water fed poles provide faster and more efficient cleaning of the windows, their frames, and remove all surface grime and dirt.  A water fed pole can reach up to 70ft.  It consists of carbon fibre or aluminum sections, a brush at the end, and a hose that flows water out the end of the brush.  The brush allows for a reliable cleaning of the windows and frames and the streams allow for an effective rinse.  

Traditional By Hand Window Cleaning

Traditional by hand window cleaning is done with a squeegee and applicator.  The window cleaner uses the applicator to apply and scrub a detergent on the window, they will then use a squeegee to remove all the water and dirt from the window.  After this is done, touch ups are required.  They will wipe frames and any water left behind with a chamois.  This type of window cleaning is done when completing post construction cleans, high rise window cleaning or any interior or area where excessive water would be an issue.  

Post Construction Window Cleaning

Post Construction Window Cleaning is done after a renovation or a new build is complete.  Windows within a new build or recently renovated building or residence will have paint or stucco over spray, stickers, solutions, extra dirt and dust on them.  This required a non-scratch method to remove the materials.  Post construction window cleaning usually takes 5 times longer than your traditional window cleaning.  

Window Hard Water and Mineral Stained Windows


An inconvenient truth about windows. If you don’t keep up with maintenance cleans of your windows, they are more susceptible to hard water and mineral stains. Hard water and mineral stains makes your windows look like they were covered in chalk dust followed by rain. Your windows will look as if they are almost opaque and don’t give you the nice outside view you are hoping for. The good news. Hard water and mineral stains can be removed from windows but at a cost. The labour, time and product required to make hard water mineral stained windows look new again is more costly then maintaining the aesthetics of your windows in the first place.