Don't Let Algae and Moss Win!


When it comes to roof cleaning, or any type of home exterior cleaning, you want to make sure you hire a professional who knows what they are doing.  Not only knows what they are doing, but also follow WCB safety protocol, use the best processes and detergents, and spend the extra time to details.  Historically, there has been processes that lead to additional wear and tear on roofs that are sometimes still used today by some roof cleaners.  Be sure to select a company that is using modern processes that will do the job right, not ruin your roof, and give you a 2 year no moss regrowth warranty.  

Our method of roof cleaning includes a light brush with a broom removing all the moss build up on your roof.  We tarp the ground of the perimeter of your home to make sure any debris that fall from the roof are taken away with us.  Once the roof is prepped and all the large moss has been taken off the roof, we spray the roof with a low pressure delivery with a bio-degradable agent that will can guarantee will keep moss from growing for two years.   If it does, we will come back and fix it.  We then have additional options which will include rinsing the roof and cleaning gutters. 

One important thing to ask your roof cleaner is the type of method they use.  If they are using pressure washers this will void many roof warranties.  The roofers association also recommends against this being a method to clean roofs.  Do not make this mistake.  It can cost you a lot of money. 

We offering the following roof cleaning services: 

Asphalt Roofs

Concrete Tile

Terracotta Tile

Tar and Gravel 

Metal Roofs

Torch On

and More

Each roof type has a different process that requires a professional. 

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