Pressure washing, hot water pressure washing, commercial cleaning, exterior cleaning

 Have a glowing, safe, non-slip property!  Pressure washing not only benefits your properties aesthetics, it also makes it a safe non-slip surface as well as increases value of your property.    


Awning cleaning vancouver

 Awnings are the billboard to your business.  First impressions are just that...  A first impression.  Make sure your business is glowing with an algae free, fresh new look! 


Window Cleaning Vancouver, window cleaning, exterior cleaning

 High-rise, low-rise, storefront, Strata?  Our window cleaning specialists will assure a perfect view from the outside in, to the inside out.  Precision Building Services is the number one choice for Window Cleaning in Vancouver. 



 Exterior building cleans.  Have your building looking new, free of algae, moss, and stains. We have several exterior building cleaning processes and will choose the one best for your property.   


Gutter cleaning vancouver

 Having clean and functional gutters saves you from major repair bills.  Our teams cleans the inside debris and de-mosses and cleans the exterior of your gutters, giving your property a brighter look.    

Soft Washing

Soft washing Vancouver, exterior cleaning vancouver, soft washing burnaby, window cleaning vancouver

Soft Washing cleans the exterior of your business, residence, and strata building without the chance of damage.  Soft Washing uses organic detergents to diminish any grime, mold or dirt off any building without the harmful high pressure of the straight pressure washing method.   Always choose soft washing for your exterior building cleaning needs. 

Snow Removal

Snow removal vancouver, window cleaning vancouver, gutter cleaning vancouver, exterior cleaning

Yes, it snows even in Vancouver!  When it does, we are ready for it.  Our snow removal team will gladly assist you in clearing any size of property you need.  Keep the public safe and your property clear of snow.  

Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Soft Washing moss removal algae removal lichen removal

Roof Cleaning is an imperative part to keeping your home looking and performing as should.  Moss and algae are a common problem in the lower mainland, particularly on roofs and siding.  Overtime, the organic life will grow within the gaps where two shingles meet and multiply.  The longer you leave it, the harder and more time consuming it is to remove.  We offer a 2 year no moss regrowth warranty.