RESIDENTIAL Exterior cleaning


Pressure washing, exterior building cleaning, soft washing

Have a glowing, safe, non-slip property!  Pressure washing not only benefits your properties aesthetics, it also makes it a safe non-slip surface as well as increases value of your property.   Choose Precision for your Pressure Washing in Vancouver. 


awning cleaning, awning restoration, awning brightening

Awnings, overhands, glass transoms, we do FULL service residential cleaning!  Make your property shine!


window cleaning vancouver, window cleaning, high end window cleaning, detailed window cleaning

Residential window cleaning.  Our window cleaning specialists will assure a perfect view from the outside in, to the inside out.  Choose us for your Window Cleaning in Vancouver. 


exterior cleaning, soft washing, exterior house cleaning, exterior building cleaning

Exterior residential cleans.  Have your home looking new, free of algae, moss, and stains. We have several exterior building cleaning processes depending on your homes finish, we will choose the one best for your property.  


Gutter Cleaning, downspout cleaning, clogged gutters

Having clean and functional gutters saves you from major repair bills.  Our teams cleans the inside debris and de-mosses and cleans the exterior of your gutters, giving your property a brighter look.   


Roof cleaning, moss removal, algae removal

Moss and Algae build up on roof tops, there is no way to stop this in our climate.  This is not only aesthetically displeasing, it can also reduce the integrity of your roof, cause decay and allow the organic substance to penetrate deeper in the materials.  We stop this process. 

Soft Washing


Soft Washing is the safety and most effective way of cleaning a structure.  Whether it's a home, business or strata complex.  Soft Washing uses an organic detergent that removes all mold, algae and dirt effectively from a structure.   Make your place look like new again with Soft Washing.  

Snow Removal


We are ready for your snow removal needs!  Whether it is residential, strata, commercial or business.  We make sure your property is slip safe.  We also offer salting services.